Nardn - A Day At A Time

My name is Nardn, Im 18 years old and I live in Sweden. Im extremely passionate about the music and I make sure to be in the studio atleast 3-6 hours everyday, while at the same attending school on fulltime and working a halftime job. I make every part of my music myself, that includes producing, writing, recording, mixing, mastering, but also with some help from my best friend Linus Marks on the final touches on producing and mixing.

A Day At A Time is an upbeat hip hop track, but with a pretty big message. Its about the fact that you never now if you have a tomorow or not and therefore you have to take care of the time you have. A lot of people nowadays waste a lot of time, and postpone things in life because of pretty bad excuses, I want people to realize that tomorow isnt promised to anyone, and everyone should keep that in mind.

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